Battery Powered Chainsaws

Whether you’re looking to cut hefty firewood, or just prune and trim some smaller branches, battery powered chainsaws can get the job done. Guaranteed.

This article will discuss the benefits of battery powered chainsaws, as well as its advantages in comparison to other types of chainsaws. We’ll list a few drawbacks as well, as battery powered chainsaws may not be for everyone. Then, we’ll give an overview of the different types of batteries available for your chainsaw, as well as discuss an in-depth review of our top 5 battery powered chainsaws on the market. Read on to get a full scope of everything battery powered chainsaws can do for you.

What Is a Battery Powered Chainsaw?

Think of a battery powered chainsaw as a cordless and mobile electric chainsaw. It works in a similar fashion to a cordless leaf blower, vacuum, drill, or any other tool that uses a battery instead of a plug. This type of chainsaw uses a rechargeable battery and a simple push-to-turn on mechanic. The battery must be charged before being plugged into the chainsaw.

Why Chose Battery Powered Chainsaws

There are many reasons why homeowners are switching to battery powered chainsaws over their electric or gas-powered counterparts. Often, people are finding that their traditional gas chainsaws or even their corded ones are dying more frequently. There are several benefits to switching to this fast and sleek machine:

  • Battery powered chainsaws are much quieter than their counterparts. They don’t need to rev like a gas-powered motor, as the battery pack delivers a different type of energy through the carburetor.
  • Battery powered chainsaws do not emit fumes, making it easier to breathe. One of the biggest disadvantages of a gas chainsaw is that they emit exhaust as they work, which can make the air dangerous to inhale after a period of time. Battery chainsaws ensure that the air is clean while you work.
  • Battery powered chainsaws are more portable. You aren’t limited by a cord, and you can carry it anywhere to get the job done. This also makes them easier to control in any type of environment.
  • Battery powered chainsaws can last a long time without use. Many homeowners worry that if they leave their saw for too long without use, the gas will go bad or the blade will dull. Battery powered chainsaws don’t have an expiration date.

Battery powered chainsaws are great for versatility and control. If you are an average homeowner who needs a range of light to medium work done using a chainsaw, a battery powered saw is your best bet. Next, we’ll discuss the distinct differences between a battery saw and a traditional corded electric chainsaw.

Battery Powered Chainsaws Vs. Electric Chainsaws

Since battery powered chainsaws often fall under the category of electric saws, people often wonder what the differences are, and if the two can be interchangeable. The answer may vary depending on your specific wants and needs. However, by looking at the two together, it is easy to see how one type may play an advantage over the other. Let’s compare the two now.

An electric chainsaw is a corded chainsaw that must be plugged into a power source in order to be turned on. The cords typically offer plenty of room, especially for the typical homeowner who is interested in cutting firewood or pruning branches.

Depending on your needs, the electric chainsaw may provide the following advantages over a battery powered chainsaw:

  • Electric chainsaws often have more power than a battery saw. They can be used for slightly heavier tasks, such as cutting thick branches and felling small trees.
  • Electric chainsaws do not require charging. If the saw stays plugged in, it can run for as long as you need it to.
  • Electric chainsaws are often cheaper than battery powered saws. It can be inconvenient to have to plug something in. That’s why the chainsaw market will offer you a deal when it comes to corded saws.

Of course, there are a few drawbacks to corded electric saws that need to be discussed as well:

  • Electric chainsaws are not portable. You are limited by the cord that comes with the device. While you can always invest in an extension cord, it is more difficult to move it around.
  • Electric chainsaws provide less control. Since you are restricted in movement by the corded saw, you may not be able to reach certain heights or angles that you would otherwise be able to achieve with a cordless saw.
  • Electric chainsaws do not come with battery options. Whatever power level your saw is set at is the power level you will get. You don’t get to choose batteries that may provide more power or longevity over other ones.

Both electric and cordless chainsaws have their advantages and disadvantages. When it comes down to it, you must decide what is best for your needs and your budget.

Disadvantages of Battery Powered Chainsaws

Since we’re on the topic of comparisons, now is a good time to list some of the potential drawbacks or pitfalls that homeowners may experience with battery powered saws. While they take the cake in many categories, they are not flexible enough to suit every need under the sun.

  • Battery powered chainsaws are less powerful than corded or gas-powered saws. Because of this, they are not great for getting any heavy-duty task done. If you are looking to fell trees or cut thick branches, you may want to consider investing in a different type of saw.
  • These chainsaws require recharge time. It can be an inconvenience to have a battery die in the middle of a job. While recharging does not typically take too long, it can still be a hassle.
  • Batteries die after a while. A battery can only be recharged for so long before it just doesn’t have any juice left. Keep in mind that you may need to replace this saw’s battery after a few years.
  • Battery replacements are expensive. It isn’t cheap to find something to replace your saw with. Keep your budget in mind when considering this option.

Battery powered saws have their pros and cons, and you must consider what your specific needs are in order to determine if this type of saw is right for you and your yard.

Battery Types

Next, we’ll review what types of batteries are available for battery powered chainsaws. Each battery provides a different unit of power, which can help to boost the usage of your saw.

Lithium-ion batteries are typically the most popular and powerful types of batteries for your chainsaw. It offers a more consistent charge, and it recharges at a faster rate. This battery will not cause the chain to run slower as the battery dies. Other types of batteries do have this problem.

Nickel-cadmium batteries are cheaper than lithium-ion options, but do not provide as much power. Plus, they take longer to recharge and they don’t always keep the chainsaw from fluctuating in speed.

Top 5 Battery Powered Chainsaws Reviews

There are a lot of great chainsaws out there. However, we’ve narrowed down our 5 favorite battery powered chainsaws to show off the breadth of power, efficiency, and affordability that this category of saw has to offer. Our list is in no particular order, and offers plenty of advantages that can be enjoyed by the average homeowner.

GreenWorks 20312

This chainsaw is highly affordable, coming in at just $207 with clean-cutting capabilities. It can cut over 100 times on a single charge, delivering more torque and flexibility than its competitors. It comes with a 4AH battery and a charger to keep you cutting all day long. It is fashioned with a “brushless” design, providing much less vibration while working. This gives the user more comfort for a longer period of time, without risking damage to the hands or risks. There are several extra safety features equipped, making this an easy, efficient, and powerful chainsaw for beginners and average users alike.

GreenWorks 20362

This 10-inch cordless saw is much smaller than most of its counterparts, but can still pack a punch. It’s a great portable option for users who need a lot of light-duty jobs done. It is half the price of the above product, coming in at $107, making it one of the most affordable battery powered saws on the market. It comes with a 24V lithium-ion battery, making it one of the most powerful as well. There is a tool-less chain tensioning, making it easy to adjust the chain as quickly as possible. It automatically oils the chain and arm, giving you fluidity and longevity for any type of job.

Black and Decker LCS

This powerful saw by the reliable Black and Decker brand is decently priced at $158, offering the ultimate power and cutting length. It comes with a very powerful 40V MAX lithium-ion battery, meaning it will last a long time. It can cut over 60 times per charge, and has quick and easy tensioning abilities to get the job done right. It comes with a 12” Oregon bar and chain, which is great for a variety of light and medium-sized tasks.

Dewalt DCCS 690

The Dewalt battery chainsaw is one of our favorites, offering a brushless motor design that is equipped with a 40V lithium-ion battery. It comes with a long 16” Oregon bar and chain, one of the longest available for this kind of saw. It has a chain brake for kick back protection, ensuring your safety and comfort during use. It has an auto-oiling feature to keep you on the go, with a variable speed trigger to keep you in control for longer. You can choose the 4Ah or the 6Ah battery for a variety of power options, coming in at over $300.

Oregon CS300-A6

Oregon has been a trusted brand for many years. And this battery powered saw delivers on all promises. It is the most expensive on the list, usually costing $400 with all parts included. It has a patented sharpening system, which sharpens as you go. The brushless motor allows for high performance and torque, with a 16” bar to reach even the highest and toughest of places. The battery can hold a charge in storage for over a month, and this beast of a machine can cut 400 times on a single battery charge. If you’re looking for a powerhouse, this is the saw for you.

Final Thoughts

Battery powered chainsaws are ideal for a variety of tasks, but they aren’t for everyone. When deciding whether or not you want to invest in this mobile, rechargeable device, consider your budget and your cutting needs. Battery powered chainsaws were made to give you better access to your cutting jobs. Invest in one of our top five favorite brands now to get a taste of what it’s all about.

When it comes to chainsaws, there are several different types of engines to consider.

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