Electric Chainsaws

Electric chainsaws offer a great mid range ability to get most menial tasks done without too high of a learning curve.

They’re a flexible, versatile, and powerful saw that help homeowners perform menial tasks like a breeze. If you’re looking for something that doesn’t need routine maintenance, and is also powerful enough to cut, trim, prune, and hack any light to medium-sized branches, an electric chainsaw is the perfect fit.

Electric Chainsaws Reviews – Top Picks

We’ve gathered our 4 favorite electric chainsaws to show you just how easily these saws can pack a punch. We chosen our picks based on affordability, quality, functionality, and all-around power. Judge for yourself how these saws can get your tasks done right.

Makita UC4051A

This Makita chainsaw is a top favorite amongst professionals and homeowners. It’s made in Germany, with several innovative features that make it unique to the look and touch. It has a rubberized grip handle, designed for comfort while also reducing the effects of vibration. Engineered cleverly, there’s a limiter device that stops the motor from burning out by reducing power if overloaded. It has an oil reservoir to keep things smooth while on the job. This chainsaw is extremely user-friendly, with a large soft-start switch to help trigger the chainsaw on and off easily. This chainsaw comes with a 16” blade, which is good for cutting smoothly into logs and branches.

This is one of the more expensive saws on the market, but the investment is well justified given the extra features. When comparing Makita with some of the other brands you’ll find they use metal around some key components where other brands use plastic qualifying the price difference.

Worx wg303.1 16 inch chainsawWorx 303.1

This 16” chainsaw offers a broad range of mobility and functionality.

  • This is the cheapest chainsaw on our favorites list, under $100. It’s one of the most affordable chainsaws on the market and a #1 best seller in power chainsaws.

With a 14.5 Amp motor it delivers power with each cut. Many homeowners have compared the power of this saw to that of a gas chainsaw, making it a powerhouse that can get almost any kind of cutting job done. It has an automatic oiling capability, with a built-in reservoir that oils the blades for you while you work. You’ll never have to put this one down! With a low kickback bar and an over-tightening prevention system, it’s easy to adjust this chain on the go. It offers great grip and longevity for a job well done. 3 year manufacturer warranty

Worx WG304.1Worx 304.1

The Worx 304.1 is comparable to its 303.1 but with a bigger motor and more power per bite. It’s good value and a great deal for such a powerful machine. It is delivered fully assembled, so you don’t have to worry about mismatching any of the parts. The automatic oil lubricator and auto-tension chain system make it seamless to adjust while on the job. You’ll never have to put it down or take a break to get things fixed.

It comes with an 18” bar, which is one of the longest for electric saws. You’ll be able to reach even the toughest angles and chop down branches with ease.

Oregon CS1500

The big advantage of this powerful and trustworthy saw is that it comes with a patented self-sharpening system, making it easy to continue work without taking a break. This high-powered motor runs at 15 amps, giving you an extremely fast cutting rate. The 18” guide bar is one of the longer designed to cut through tons of firewood or branches and will handle most jobs in the yard The handle is designed in such a way as to keep the machine well balanced, lightweight and comfortable to handle. Relatively low vibration. This is a low-maintenance device that has almost as much power as a gas saw but *keep it lubed”. It’s low price makes it an attractive buy.

Electric chainsaws are some of the most common types available. For those who are your average worker using an electric chainsaw is usually preferred over gas-powered because of the range and functionality of the electric saw over the chores and cleaning tasks required of a messy gas-powered saw.

The average homeowner will find that the electric saw is best for everyday use for small to medium-sized tasks.

Whether you have small trees that need to be pruned, branches that need removing, or firewood that needs cutting for the winter, an electric chainsaw is great for daily tasks.

  1. Makita UC4051A  – 16 inch chainsaw
  2. Worx 303.1 – 16″
  3. Worx 304.1 – 18″
  4. Oregon CS1500 – 18 chainsaw

What’s an Electric Chainsaw?

Electric chainsaws are also known as corded chainsaws, and come with a long cord attached to the motor for power. They’re often much safer than gas-powered chainsaws, and can provide just as much power. The reasons electric are preferred over gas or battery saws for homeowners is because they offer a range of affordability and functionality for the average daily task.

Typically the cord measures 100 feet and can be connected to an extension cord if you need more range. This is usually more than enough space to move around your yard safely to get the task done.

See how Electric chainsaws stack up


With their popularity on the rise, it’s important to consider if this recognition is deserved. There are lots of reasons why an electric chainsaw can be perfect for your needs:

  • Electric chainsaws are easier for beginners. If you’re just starting out, and you need to get a few menial tasks done around the yard, an electric chainsaw offers a bigger threshold for learning and is easier to use altogether.
  • Electric chainsaws are the cheapest on the market. They are much cheaper than gas saws, and are even cheaper than battery-powered cordless. If budget is your biggest concern these are affordable and value.
  • They are great for trimming, pruning, and cutting small to medium-sized branches. As long as you don’t have any heavy-duty tasks in mind, an electric chainsaw will get the job done quickly and easily.
  • Safety – Benefits are these chainsaws offer greater safety and operation. Typically, electric chainsaws reduce the amount of kickback, making them safer to use.
  • Easier to start up as well, as they don’t need a cord to be pulled. They operate on a switch, and the chain doesn’t run while not in use.

Cons of a Corded Chainsaw

While corded chainsaws are all the rage, there are a few reasons why they may not be the best for your particular needs. Each type comes with its limitations, and these are no exception.

  • If you’re looking for something to fell trees, cut thick branches, and clear up debris after a heavy storm, you probably should invest in a gas-powered saw.
  • The cord can be restricting. You’re bound by the limitations of the corded saw, making it more difficult to be mobile. While you can add extensions, the cord can still be cumbersome if you’re looking for something that can be raised into the air or worked at an angle.
  • Electric chainsaws are heavier than cordless chainsaws. If you want something ultra-light, invest in a cordless option. Electric chainsaws can be weighty, although gas saws are often heavier.
  • Electric saws offer less power. Nothing can compete with a gas saw in terms of power. Electric saws can be great for trimming and cutting medium branches, but their range of power can’t extend much beyond that.

Electric vs Gas-Powered Chainsaws

This is one of the questions that professionals are asked time and again. “Why would I choose an electric chainsaw over a gas-powered chainsaw? Isn’t gas-powered the most powerful?”

Because there’s a few different answers to that question, it’s easier to show a comparison between the 2 types so you can see which one will work best for you.

When do you need a gas powered saw?

  1. When you need to be mobile to reach high elevated places to cut branches at all angles
  2. When you need more power. These are the only types of chainsaws that can perform heavy-duty, tree-felling tasks
  3. No power source available. You don’t have to plug this one in to operate it

Being a gas-guzzling powerhouse is not always a good thing. There are some disadvantages to gas powered saws as well that make electric saws shine much more brightly in the homeowner’s favor.

When electric has the upper hand

  1. Gas-powered chainsaws are noisy. They need a lot of oil for the engine to work, acting like a smaller version of an automobile engine. This tends to get loud
  2. Gas saws emit fumes. The exhaust from the burning oils can make it difficult and unsafe to breathe
  3. Gas saws are less safe. The blades always run while the engine is on, even if you set the chainsaw down. It’s difficult to turn it on and off in a safe manner
  4. Gas-powered chainsaws are heavy. This can result in them being even less mobile than a corded saw.

While gas powered chainsaws take the cake in terms of power and heavy-duty use, they come with a lot of cumbersome chores and dangers as well.

  • Gas-powered chainsaws are the most commonly used chainsaws in the industry, and are recommended for the heaviest-duty tasks. They’re often cumbersome and require a wider scope of experience before operating.

In some situations any type of chainsaw will do just fine. There are many reasons why an electric chainsaw can take precedence over a gas or battery powered saw. Many homeowners are concerned with affordability, usability, and practicality for every-day use.

Husqvarna 966997234
portable and flexible
Lightweight 10lbs
one of the smallest chainsaws (gas)
lots of power for size
bar length 14 inch
45.7cc 2stroke
good balance
Tanaka TCS4OEA18
midrange - good for 1st timers
weight 15.9lbs
decompression valve for easy start
side access chain tensioner
bar length 18 inch
40cc, 2.4hp
7 year consumer warranty
Husqvarna 966997234
portable and flexible
Lightweight 10lbs
one of the smallest chainsaws (gas)
bar length 14 inch
good balance
Husqvarna 455 Rancher
high powered, heavy duty
weight 12.8lbs
centrifugal air cleaning system
side mounted chain tensioner
bar length 20 inch
55 1/2cc 2stroke
reliable, responsive
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